Wine List

White Wines

2016 Trebbiano/Garganega

Carafe £17.95, Bottle (750ml) £14.95, Half Carafe £9.95, Glass (250ml) £5.95, Glass (175ml) £4.75.

Almond blossom and green apple aromas with subtle marzipan and honey. Citrus, crisp flavours on the finish.

Ponte Pietra, Veneto, Italy


2016 Sauvignon Blanc

Bottle (750ml) £19.95, Glass (250ml) £6.95, Glass (175ml) £5.25.

Intensely fragrant with notes of mango and pineapple.

Ca’ di Alte, Veneto, Italy


2016 Pinot Grigio

Bottle (750ml) £20.95, Glass (250ml) £7.25, Glass (175ml) £5.50.

Pear and baked bread with a touch of sherbet and a nutty note.

Ponte del Diavolo, Friuli-Venezia, Giulia, Italy


2016 Soave Classico

Bottle (750ml) £19.95

Floral with notes of ripe peach and almond. A lovely balance between ripe, fresh fruit and zingy acidity.

Cantina di Monteforte, Veneto, Italy


2015 Verdicchio di Matelica ‘Terre di Valbona’

Bottle (750ml) £19.95

Aromatic with apple and honey and lemon. Full-bodied combining crisp flavours with richer, honey and lemon.

Cantine Belisario, Marche, Italy


2016 ‘C’ Chardonnay

Bottle (750ml) £22.95

Aromatic ripe tropical fruit, a touch of oak for a fresh and fruit driven wine.

Alpha Zeta, Veneto, Italy


2016 Greco di Tufo

Bottle (750ml) £29.95

Lemon-gold in colour this wine is intense and aromatic with pears, stone fruits and almond notes.

Vesevo, Campania, Italy


2016 Gavi di Gavi ‘Lugarara’

Bottle (750ml) £34.95

Aromas of stone fruits, peach and lime zest, with fresh acidity from the green apple palete.

La Giustiniana, Piemonte, Italy

Red Wines

2016 Merlot/Corvina

Carafe £17.95, Bottle (750ml) £14.95, Half Carafe £9.95, Glass (250ml) £5.95, Glass (175ml) £4.75.

A lovely ripe cherry pie nose, with plummy soft notes in harmony with the voluptuousness blackberry.

Ponte Pietra, Veneto, Italy


2016 Montepulciano d`Abruzzo

Bottle (750ml) £17.95, Glass (250ml) £5.25, Glass (175ml) £4.75.

Deep ruby red in colour with dark fruits, plums and cherries and a chocolate-cherry finish.soft notes in harmony with the voluptuousness blackberry.

Il Faggio, Abruzzo, Italy


2015 Primitivo

Bottle (750ml) £18.95, Glass (250ml) £5.95, Glass (175ml) £4.95.

Stewed dark fruits and sweet spices on the nose along with red fruits and blueberries.

La Masseria, Puglia, Italy


2014 Malbec ‘Famiglia Bianchi’

Bottle (750ml) £23.95

Luscious, intense aromas of ripe plums, cherries and blackberries.

Casa Bianchi, Mendoza, Argentina


2016 Valpolicella

Bottle (750ml) £24.95

Cherries and pepper followed by subtle herbal nuances to make this dry and well-balanced wine.

Corte Giara, Veneto, Italy


2015 Chianti Classico

Bottle (750ml) £27.95

Vibrant fresh plum, blackberry and cinnamon spice aromas from the oak ageing.

Da Vinci, Tuscany, Italy


2012 Barolo ‘Le Albe’

Bottle (750ml) £49.95

Red fruit, floral notes along with pine needle, mint and crushed berries aromas for this delicate and elegant wine. G.D.

Vajra, Piemonte, Italy


2014 Amarone della Valpolicella

Bottle (750ml) £54.95

An intense and inviting colour with aromas of fruit and spices with a subtle herb edge.

Corte Giara, Veneto, Italy

Rose Wines

2016 Pinot Grigio Rosé

Carafe £18.45, Bottle (750ml) £15.45, Half Carafe £10.45, Glass (250ml) £6.45, Glass (175ml) £5.25.

Salmon-pink in colour this is a fresh, crisp Rosato full of strawberries and cherries which linger on the palate.

Ponte Pietra, Veneto, Italy


Zinfandel Rose

Bottle (750ml) £16.95, Glass (250ml) £5.95, Glass (175ml) £4.75.

A luscious Zinfandel Rose with ripe aromas of wind strawberries and exotic fruits.

Kissing Tree, California, USA

Italian Sparkling Wines

NV Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry DOC

Bottle (750ml) £27.95, Half Bottle (200ml) £7.95,

Bright, clean and lifted with pleasant floral notes and pear amongst the fine stream bubbles.

Ca’ di Alte, Veneto, Italy


NV Rosato Spumante

Bottle (750ml) £27.95

Intense, fresh and fruity with floral nuances and ripe passion fruit. This wine has a faded rose colour.

Ca’ di Alte, Veneto, Italy


2016 Moscato d`Asti di Strevi DOCG

Bottle (750ml) £27.95

Lightly sparkling with a lovely perfume of freshly crushed grapes and sherbet.

Contero, Piemonte, Italy


Dom Perignon

Bottle (750ml) £250.00

One of the finest champagnes in the world.


Moët & Chandon

Bottle (750ml) £65.00

Aromas of honey and vine blossom and a fine mousse.


2009 Cristal Brut Louis Roederer

Bottle (750ml) £395.00

Intensely elegant with a rich, ripe bouquet and a steady creamy mousse.

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