Lunch Menu


Tomato Soup – £2.90

Home-made tomato soup

Minestrone Soup – £2.90

Home-made vegetable soup

Garlic Mushrooms – £3.20

Pan fried mushrooms in garlic sauce

Bruschetta – £3.50

Ciabatta bread topped with fresh tomatoes and herbs, drizzled with Garlic sauce

Bruschetta Funghi – £3.75

Ciabatta bread topped with mushrooms and melted cheese

Haggis Delight – £3.95

Deep fried haggis balls served with a sweet chilli sauce

Ciabatta Garlic Bread Cheese – £3.75

3 slices of ciabatta bread topped with garlic and melted cheese

Prawn Cocktail – £5.20

Peeled prawns laid gently with Marie Rose Sauce served with salad

Garlic Bread – £3.95

10″ pizza bread drizzled with garlic sauce



Italian Omelette – £6.75

Egg, italian sausage, peppers, mixed herbs served with two toasted bread salad and a side of sweet chilli dip

Chicken Omelette – £6.75

Egg, diced chicken, peppers, herbs, served with two toasted bread salad and a side of sweet chilli dip

Cheese Omelette – £5.95

Egg, herbs and cheese, served with two toasted bread salad and a side of sweet chilli dip

Main Course

Pizza Margarita – £6.00

10″ pizza with cheese and tomato with 1 topping (toppings are subject to availability)

Penne Picanti – £6.25

Penne pasta with spicy tomato sauce

Lasagne & Chips – £6.25

Homemade lasagna served with chips

Spaghetti Bolognese – £6.25

Spaghetti pasta with home-made rich minced beef sauce

Tagliatelle Napoli – £6.25

Tagliatelle pasta in a tomato and herb sauce

Fusilli con Pollo – £6.25

Fusilli pasta with diced chicken in a tomato sauce with a touch of cream

Macaroni Cheese – £6.25

Penne pasta in a creamy cheese sauce

Pollo Milanese – £8.95

Chicken breast covered in breadcrumbs served with spaghetti Napoli (tomato and herbs sauce)

Steak Diane – £10.50

Sirloin steak in Diane (mustard and mushroom, onions and cream) sauce served with chips and salad

Fish & Chips – £7.45

White fish breadcrumbed and fried served with a side of peas, chips and tartar sauce



Liberta Burger – £7.95

Home-made burger in a bun with salad, fresh tomatoes, onions, pickled cucumber, ketchup & mayonnaise sauce with one egg omelette served with curly fries and 2 onion rings

Chicken Burger Fillet – £5.95

Chicken burger on a bun with salad, fresh tomatoes, onions and mayonnaise served with curly fries

Pizzaiola Burger – £5.95

Home-made burger served with tomato and herb sauce with chips and salad (no bun)

Cheese Burger – £6.95

Home-made burger on a bun with melted cheese, salad, onion, fresh tomatoes, served with a ketchup, mayonnaise and curly fries

Etna Burger – £7.45

Home-made burger with Jalapenos. cheese, salad, onion, fresh tomatoes served with VERY hot sauce and curly fries


Chicken Pesto – £6.95

Bread spread with pesto topped with chicken, peppers, onions and cheese

Ham & Cheese – £6.95

Bread with olive oil, ham, fresh tomatoes, spinach leaf and cheese

Tuna Onion – £7.25

Bread spread with mayonnaise, tuna, red onion and olives

Vegetarian Panini – £6.50

Bread with olive oil, mushroom, peppers, onion and olives


Choose from our selection of desserts and ice creams (prices as per Dessert Menu)

*Lunch menu courses are priced separately although 2 courses must be chosen from the menu otherwise the prices will revert to a la carte. It is available everyday from 12pm and last orders are taken no later than 2:45pm.

Note that this menu is not available on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Christmas etc.

Prices are correct as of 17th of March 2014. Parties of more than 8 attract a 10% service charge. A la Carte Menu also available at Lunch time.

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