Carbon Free Dining

Simply by adding an optional £0.99 / €0.99 / $1.25 USD to your bill, you will be making a world of difference, by mitigating the environmental impact of your meals and providing education, food plus, helping those less fortunate in the developing world.

Carbon Free Dining is an environmental initiative operated in partnership with the Green Earth Appeal which allows restaurants and their diners the opportunity to plant-life changing fruit trees in the developing world with their meal.

Carbon Free Dining is a United Nations environment backed initiative that offsets the carbon associated with your meals and helps those less fortunate in the developing world by planting a fruit tree.

The optional £0.99 / €0.99 / $1.25 USD added to your bill will mitigate the carbon impact of your meal by planting a tree and will help those less fortunate in the developing world.

Each £0.99 / €0.99 / $1.25 USD will plant a tree that will help contribute to the reversing of global warming and transform the lives of some of the planet’s most impoverished communities.

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